TITANS’ SCHOOL is a  place where life is nurtured.

The school introduces an innovative method of pedagogy in education. We cater to the growing segment of quality conscious parents, who desire a holistic experience in the formative years of their child’s life. We are committed to providing world-class education with globally accepted, best teaching practices.

Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which will support individual needs and allow children to achieve their full potential.

Our journey began in 2016 under a team leadership of VIDARBHA YOUTH WELFARE SOCIETY.

Our Promises
  • Fulfilling every individual learner’s potential and ensuring their academic and overall growth.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining passionate and capable educators who are committed to continuous improvement in their learners and themselves.
  • Creating a community of educators, learners and parents who look to each other as a broader family connected and supported by a common vision.
  • Delivering a powerful curriculum with a design that is based on thought, best practices and new developments for growth inside and outside the classroom walls.
  • Providing inspirational physical and emotional environments that promote a sense of community and possibility.
  • Integrating and using the power of technology to improve learning outcomes.
  • Ensuring a continuous assessment of our pedagogy that focuses on learner performance and development.
Our Philosophy

A suite of Eight guiding principles have been established to both guide and serve as a benchmark for delivering global education consistently across our schools. These guiding principles are known as the Eight Big Ideas of our Philosophy:

  • We are committed to the pedagogy of listening and understanding.
  • The play is the central mode of learning for children.
  • We acknowledge children as sophisticated thinkers and communicators.
  • We have accountability to children, parents, management and community.
  • We create alliances with parents.
  • Our program has intellectual and pedagogical integrity.
  • We focus on seeing children within a socio-cultural context.
  • Teachers as researchers.
Our Teachers

At TITANS’ PUBLIC SCHOOL, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our teachers. We seek out individuals with a love for children, a passion for learning and an ability to facilitate learning for children, supported by professional qualifications and experience. Each and every teacher is selected through a rigorous recruitment process. On joining schools, teachers undergo expansive training. This is followed by regular refresher programs on a variety of subjects throughout the school year. TPS teachers plan intentionally. They establish specific goals for their children, as well as how they will teach. They make decisions about learning experiences, resources, design, a location of the learning environment, routines, group interactions and strategies for assessment. Our teachers are lifelong learners themselves. Continuously guided, coached, encouraged and mentored by a group of highly experienced Mentors, who meet on a regular basis to share and disseminate best practices across our schools.

Our Programmes

Titans’ Public School program enhances a child’s innate curiosity and provides a rich and carefully resourced environment to stimulate learning and development in children.

To ensure all-round development, we focus on six areas of learning:

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  2. Communication, Language, and Literacy
  3. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
  4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  5. Physical development
  6. Creative development

The EDUCATIONAL programs at TITANS’ School are designed to give children the correct stress-free environment, personal attention and scientifically formulated schedule of activities to nurture their growing brains. Appropriate socio-emotional care is given to each child to help him develop the right inter- and intra-personal intelligence.

  • Motor Skills Development.
  • Physical Co-Ordination, Health, And Sports.
  • Yoga & Meditation.
  • Self –Defence – Karate.
  • Social And Emotional Development.
  • Language And Literacy.
  • Numeracy & Mathematics.
  • Aptitude And Attitude.
  • Science And Technology And Machines.
  • Discovery Of The World.
  • Social Sciences And Nature.
  • Foreign Language.
  • Creative And Aesthetic Expression.
  • Learning By Doing.
  • Community Outreach Programme.
  • Cultural Exchange Programme.
  • Each One Teach One.
  • Child Counseling.
  • Parent Counseling.
  • Festivals and Celebrations.

Our learning Program focuses on four fundamental development areas –

Cognition, Language and Communication; Personal, Social and Emotional development; Creativity and Imagination; and Physical Development.

These fundamental development areas inform eight specific development areas – Reading and Language Arts; Writing; Understanding of the World; Confidence and Public Speaking; Self Expression; Science and Technology; Mathematics; and Logic and Reasoning. The learning is imparted through our four learning pathways – interactive learning; playing and exploring; creating and thinking critically; and revisiting and reinforcing.

Each area of development is focused. Structured language and math learning via our proprietary curriculum and teaching practices take place each day. Daily free play in our large play area develops the physical, social and emotional selves of the children. Dedicated time is allotted for role play, creative arts, imagination building activities.


Children get used to expressing themselves in front of adults and peers. Children are encouraged to talk about their interests and make ‘presentations’ to the class. Children actively participate in our school productions in front of an audience of their teachers, parents, and peers, building confidence and the ability to ‘face the crowd’. This also enhances leadership skills. Time is also spent on fine tuning soft skills that go with presentation making.


The entire curriculum revolves around monthly themes, and each month, the teachers focus on the different development areas through the theme. The themes are powerful concepts for developing an understanding of the wider world.


The definition of Accelerated Learning goes hand in hand with our mission. Accelerated Learning is the most advanced teaching and learning method in use today. It’s a total system for speeding and enhancing the learning processes. Based on the latest neurological research, it has been repeatedly proven to increase learning effectiveness.

What makes our Accelerated Learning program so effective is that it’s based on the way we all naturally learn. Accelerated Learning unlocks much of the potential for learning that has been left largely untapped by most conventional learning methods. It does this by actively involving your child, using physical activity, creativity, music, images, color, and other methods designed to get children deeply involved in their own learning.