Dear Parents,

Welcome to TITANS’ Public School. It gives me immense pleasure to serve the society through this distinctive school. It has been 50 glorious and triumphant years with numerous significant heights scaled by all the elite institutions under the banner of Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society. This new endeavor aims to achieve the same heights in due course of time.

Choosing a school for a child is very crucial decision for parents as that affects the future of the child. I believe that the content of education of young child greatly determines a child’s mindset and personality and ultimately his future success. Education is life itself. The illiterate of the future decades will not be the person who cannot read but will be the person who does not know to learn.

TPS seeks to develop the child’s physical, emotional and spiritual beings aiming for the holistic development of each child. The engaging and responsive environment for every child at each stage of development is the key ethos and approach of TPS.

I am confident that if you choose this school for your words then it will be a decision that you can be proud of. TPS in its most unique way offers balanced and enriched curriculum, enabling children to reach the highest standards in career and educating then in life skills, raising their self-esteem and confidence and inspiring them to become successful.

I hope our vision will be supported by your motivation, looking forwards to a productive association in pursuit of our common goals.

Dr. Nitin Dhande